Due to the Audit Commission Report Number 66 of April this year, ImmD have changed one critical aspect of their processes in relation to employment visas.


ImmD has updated the sponsorship form ID990B with a page 5 which requires the employing company’s declaration speaking to local recruitment efforts.

This effectively means page 5 of ID990B needs to be filled and executed in in the following applications:

  1. GEP – Employment (Professional) Entry
  2. ASMTP – Employment (Professional) Entry
  3. ASMTP & GEP – Change of Sponsorship

The page 5 Declaration is not required for all IANG applications.

In certain circumstances, you will now need to provide proof of local recruitment efforts:

Briefly describe the steps the company has taken to locate the candidates such as the number of job ads placed and the duration they were placed, the number of applications reviewed, the number of official interviews conducted, and the number of candidates shortlisted etc

Provide proof such as copy of job ad placed, resumes of the candidates interviewed with the personal details blocked or email responses from the candidates etc

If no local recruitment efforts have been made, you will need to provide a written explanation as to why not.

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