Date: Mar 3rd 2014 3p.m.
Contributed by: ericakatemartin

Parisian native Virginie Bernabé-Ruelle began working with mosaics fifteen years ago in Brazil. A year and a half ago, she opened Mosaics Shanghai, where she creates complex and eye-catching jewelry using her modern mosaic technique.


Each piece is plated with silver or 24 karat gold with imported glass from Venice. Bernabé-Ruelle keeps her prices purposely affordable (a pendant necklace goes for RMB280-330), and incorporates the mythology, symbolism and numerology of China into her designs.


Her upcoming collection features Chinese astrological birthstones (the year of the horse is topaz). She also offers mosaic-making workshops starting at RMB260. Mosaics Shanghai is popped-up in INShop gallery only through March 24, so stop by while you still can!



What: Mosaics Shanghai

Where: InShop 1601 Nanjing Xi Lu 南京西路1601号


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