Date: Jan 22nd 2014 2:24p.m.

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There are a couple of delicious-sounding new brews dropping this week. We’re dusting off our special beer mugs in anticipation.

Boxing Cat has a launch party / food pairing for their new Cashmere Cranberry Porter tonight at the Sinan Mansions outlet. There will be complimentary samples and crispy duck nugget snacks to go along, but space is limited so RSVP to see if they can still take you. If not, drop by any of their locations after tonight where the beer will be pouring ’til it runs out. Here are some tasting notes:

This unique Porter beer uses dark chocolate imported from Belgium and U.S. cranberries, resulting in a beer with some cranberry tartness and chocolate sweetness. The use of imported malts contributes a nice note of caramel and light toastiness. The delicate use of hops allows the cranberry and chocolate to shine through to the aroma and finishing flavor. The smoothness of this beer is like fine liquid cashmere. 6.2% ABV 

The BREW is launching a new seasonal mash this week too. Saturday night, they launch the new Sichuan Spiced Ale for Chinese New Year, and the winner of their World’s Best Beer Trip competition is dopping by to join the fun. Email or call ahead to join that party. Here are tasting notes for this one:

Sichuan peppercorn Belgian triple ale 8.6 % ABV – Fruit and spice notes give this malty and smooth Belgian ale its character from the addition of Sichuan pepper corn. With a defined Belgian malt base, this triple gives a spicy and warm mouth feeling that tingles the senses–a perfect Chinese New Year tipple.