Date: Jan 22nd 2014 1:30p.m.

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Meet this week’s Fashionista!

Name: Paca Lee

Occupation: Chef and owner of The Box

Nationality: Chinese

Paca is one of our more relaxed Fashionistas and uses comfort as the keystone of her style success. She treasures casual and comfortable and figures the best way to showcase herself to others is to be herself anywhere at anytime.

Paca’s winter must-have is without doubt as many pairs of Dr. Martens as she can lay her hands on—she is the proud owner of five pairs and loves to mix these sturdy statement shoes with feminine retro outfits.

The ensembles Paca chose for this issue are her adored unisex leather jacket with its fun sheepskin collar, matched with daringly tight pants and, of course, Dr. Martens. The second look is a super cute retro pencil dress complemented with a matching hair band and elegant necklace, and contrasted with striking fluorescent yellow heels.

For Paca, Beijing fashion is like the city itself, full of variety mixed in with a bunch of quirky history. It’s definitely one of a kind. The Fashionista’s three favorite stores in Beijing are Mega Mega Vintage, BNC – Brand New China and Jasmine Wear from Zijinchangan.


Text: Nina Griffee

Hair and Wardrobe Styling: Fausto Leoni

Makeup: Meghan Evely

Photographer: Tao Zi