Date: Jan 26th 2014 9:51a.m.

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Apparently, President Xi Jinping’s visit to a steam bun shop up in Beijing has moved a Guangzhou-based songwriter and inspired him to write a song in ode to the President’s surprise dining experience. According to the SCMP via the West Post Daily, popular songwriter Wu Songjin, read in the headlines that, “President Xi queued up to buy pork buns – I was very moved,’ The 60-year-old composed the tune with lyrics describing how Xi Jinping walks into the bun shop, queues up with locals refusing special treatment and eats with the singer.  

Watch the video below:



The Shanghaiist translates the song into English for those wanting to sing along:

(Vocal accompaniment) Steamed buns store…Steamed buns store

Word is that on of the days before New Year’s Day
I walked into that steamed buns store for lunch
As I was lining up someone else joined the queue
Look at him, with his robust figure and his imposing bearing and his ruddy appearance
Aye, why does he look so familiar?

The service staff headed forward, eyes full of surprise
And said, “Chief, please sit down, I will deliver anything you want to eat to you”
He smiled genially and then waved his hands,
He even queued behind me, right at the end of the entire line
He ordered a set meal, it was only 21 yuan
There were stuffed pork dumplings, vegetables and entrails
He lined up with us, he paid for the meal himself
With both hands carrying his tray, he walked towards me

(Vocal accompaniment)Where did he sit? Where did he sit?

(Solo) My goodness! Everybody, everybody!
How coincidental could this be? He’s sitting right beside me!
He’s digging into his meal with gusto, and is even laughing and chatting with us
I …