Stopping just short of holding your hand and buying all those things you've ever wanted, like that self-operated colonoscopy machine ...

... and/or those mint-infused briefs (for after) ...

... Tech In Asia have pulled out all the stops and created not just an English language guide to buying items off of (via the mobile app) but also a comprehensive guide as how to navigate and’s madness, too.

If you’re pretty Mandarin-savvy then you’ve no doubt witnessed the wonder that is Taobao aka the vortex of time, money and RAM – scrolling to the bottom of any given page is like searching for Tim Berners-Lee’s darkest fantasies if they were rendered in unending tat, the byproduct of the West’s waning manufacturing fever dream in China.

Now, thanks to these guides, the whole process is simplified (a little). So, let the devil that is consumerism inside, get shopping, and watch your salary melt away!

Also, if you’re stumped as to what kind of junk you can/should buy on Taobao then use this not-so-suitable-for-work but unendingly entertaining resource to nudge your sick mind in the right direction.


Visit the original source and full text: the Beijinger Blog