This will be a quick and condensed version of Talking Travel, but hopefully informative nonetheless.

If you haven't booked your October 1 holiday yet, do it now, unless you just have so much money that things like scheduled holidays are of no concern to you. Having done some research on Cathay Pacific Airlines flights to Thailand for that period, I can tell you that the holiday excepted, a little massaging of dates here and there will get you from Beijing to Bangkok and back on that fine airline for RMB 2,310 plus tax anytime between now and the end of the year. There are a couple of lower fares to be had but not many. We'll do our usual Procrastinator's October 1 Travel Guide in about mid-August or September, but if you're serious about not spending a fortune, book now or get ready to enjoy the beautiful weather of Beijing in early October (it really is the best time to be here).

Country Holidays is offering an eight-day package to Uzbekistan for RMB 21,940, including roundtrip airfare, accommodation, and touring through what is the heartland of the former empire of 14th century conqueror Timur, also known as Tamerlane. Having just spent 10 days in Kyrgyzstan admiring the ruins of some of Timur's handiwork, Uzbekistan should be one giant, beautiful, Timurid museum. Click here to learn more about the trip.

Tuesday's Talking Travel was chock full of info, so maybe is now a great time to go back and review it. We'll have all new trips and info for you next Tuesday but 'til then, one road flat safe.

Photo: National Geographic

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