Swedish crooner Jens Lekman is back in Shanghai this week dining out in Old Town and preparing for two shows as part of the Music in the Summer Air (MISA) Festival. I last spoke to the man behind “Black Cab” and “A Postcard to Nina” in 2008 during a sound check at the Glamour Bar, the day after he played a great gig at JZ club. He was exhausted — the interview, which I buried in an obscure corner of the internet, ended with him going for a nap — and the conversation was stifled by the uncertainty and longing that he puts to such good use in song. Jens didn’t have a home, he hadn’t had a girlfriend for eight years, and he said he had “no plans at all”. He wore an uncut key around his neck but wouldn’t say whether it signified possibility or futility. This time around, thank god, he was much more forthcoming.

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