Sundays are much like half-full and half-empty glasses: you either love having the second weekend day to kick back, relax, and recover from your Friday and Saturday shenanigans, or you spend most of the day dreading the fact that Monday is just around the corner once again. No matter what your outlook on life is, we can only advise that you make the most of your days off. And we want to help by giving you some options to do so. That’s why this issue outlines the city’s best spas, the most indulgent and boozy brunches, and the most relaxing yoga studios.

We have also done our fair share of traveling this summer: Tom Arnstein takes you from Azerbaijan to Georgia and Armenia in the Caucasus, while Tracy Wang writes about her time in one of Greece’s most photogenic islands: Corfu. Perhaps you can take some inspiration from these trips for your holiday planning, with the October holidays around the corner.

For those of you looking for something to keep you busy a little closer to home, Kyle Mullin looks at urban gardening opportunities in Beijing, and how to keep your greens alive as the mercury starts to plummet. If you’re new to our city, or even if you aren’t, Jeremiah Jenne explains the history behind Beijing’s urban planning, and looks closer at some proposals for the future municipal governance and the mysterious concept of Jing-Jin-Ji.

We hope you enjoy the September/October issue of the Beijinger, and that, if anything, we can help you make the most of your valuable days off.

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