Summer is here, and who wants to spend the best of Beijing's days locked up in a boring, dead-end job, with horrible colleagues you'd rather never see? As our beloved reader, you should know that you don't have to submit yourself to such an unbearable situation. Instead, take a look below at the best of our job Classifieds:

Video Editor
G2S is looking for an energetic and driven individual to join as a video editor and camera operator. Must be able to record news, live events, films, videos, and television broadcasts, organize footage, edit video, and assist G2S during the shooting.

Project Manager
Mindwalk Studios is hiring a full-time project manager to help in the game art development industry. Must be someone who can pay attention to detail, who loves to play games, and watch animation. Industry knowledge is not required although preferred; they can teach you. What is most important is experience in project management and customer service. 

Freelance Content Creator
Anyscale is an architecture and interior design company based in Beijing. They are currently looking for a native English speaker and writer to create regular content for their website and for other online and physical publications.

Freelance Sales Associate
Shangrila Farms is a social enterprise that brings Beijing the finest in all-natural food and beverage products. They are currently looking for a freelance sales associate to assist their sales team with their F&B channels. This position only requires a once a week meeting in the SF office, the remaining schedule is flexible. Training will be provided. Payment is comission-based.

Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, and Fitness Boxing Coach
A boxing gym is looking for someone to coach boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and a fitness boxing classes. Doesn't matter where you're from, but must have experience. Follow the link in the heading to get in touch.

And lastly, if you're looking to be a flight attendant for one of the world's top 10 airlines, China Eastern Airlines, the Flight Attendant Job Fair, is coming to Beijing on August 27. 

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