The spicy factor is about to be taken up a notch at our 2nd International Foodie Weekend (Aug 13-14), and by spicy we’re not talking about the 火辣 type of sexy (however, there’ll be plenty of that as well). We’re talking about spicy hot burning spicy hot el fuego burning spicy hot! That’s right folks, the Beijinger’s Annual Chili Pepper Eating Competition is back, and we’re looking for contestants gladiatorial foodies to take part in this killer (of tastebuds) event.

Unlike years prior (the event has traditionally been held as part of our Canada Day festivities), we’ve decided to up the ante by holding this marquee event on the second day of our International Foodie Weekend (Sunday, Aug 14). After all, who doesn’t enjoy an over-the-top eating competition?

If you think you have what it takes to gorge on some fiery fare then be sure to email [email protected] before August 11 to register. All participants will be granted free entry into our International Foodie Weekend, and mind you, receive copious amounts of vitamin C. Furthermore, we'll be giving away vouchers from Tiago and Burger Me as prizes for our top three finishers.

A caveat: Being a jalapeño hero ain't no walk in the park: last year, Wayne Liu ate a numbing 38 chili peppers to claim the coveted title of Beijing’s Master of Spice. This man trains by eating heavy mala hotpot twice a week.

Photos: The Beijinger

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