It seems Urban Management Officers, when they're not busy beating dogs to death in front of their owners, are doing a good job convincing other segments of the population that they're loathsome for other reasons. 

A survey by the Chinese Academy of Social Services (CASS) found that the officers, better known as chengguan, had the worst image of a number of administrative authorities in China, Global Times reported Thursday.

"Chengguan are ranked the most unpopular officials in China to due to more than a dozen cases of violent law enforcement in 2013," Global Times reported.

CASS's "Public Image Crisis Countermeasure Research Paper 2013-14" was published on Monday. 

Placing behind chengguan in the unpopular sweepstakes were management staff of schools and hospitals, the report said.

As the Beijinger reported earlier, on May 24:

An English national was left badly shaken on Saturday when his pet dog was beaten to death in front of him by local urban managment officials.

In a scene described as "surreal," the man was pushed aside by a chengguan official while others beat it to death with sticks.

Photo: the Beijinger

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