As you might of noticed, it's been raining on and off out there so if you head out for a cold one, take your raincoat, or don't and revel in the wonder that is a day trapped in the pub/bar/place with beer. 

Jun 16: The Fourth Sunset Beer Run
However, one event whereby you'll be forced outside is tonight's Sunset BHS Beer Run. Starting at sunset, this beer tour will take you to four restaurants and bars: Chuanfu, C2H6O, IB, and finishes at Nbeer Pub. The event starts at 7pm, but the racing won't begin until 7.45pm (exactly the time of sunset) at Chuanfu. RSVP by WeChat: BJbrew.

Jun 18: Brew Dog Launch Party
On Saturday, Brew Dog and Ramo join forces for a day of new brews and chat. Head over to enjoy full pints of Punk IPA and test your suddy knowledge with a beer contest and prizes from 4pm onwards.

Jun 18: Beer Friends Festival
Organized by Tribe and Arrow Factory, the Beer Friends Festival (BFF) will be held at Tribe Lido from midday to 5pm on Saturday. Two special shandies made from a combination of Tribe’s Cucumber Lemonade and Arrow Factory’s Two Birds Lager or A Whiter Shade of Pale Hefeweizen will be offer to help you recover from the night before. There'll also be some beer and food-related trivia and games.

Next up, Pizza Buona has a new Vienna Amber Lager on tap (5.6 percent ABV, RMB 35 for 330ml and RMB 68 for 1L), a reddish-brown European lager with a delicate hoppy aroma and sweetness as well as crisp finish. They also currently have two other beers on offer: Honey Wheat (5.3 percent ABV), with fruit and malt aromas and Little Boy IPA (8.2 percent ABV), which is an American IPA with aromas of citrus and pine.

Head over to North Capital between now and June 23 for their Lagunitas and Gread Divide bottled beers promotion, which will get RMB 10 off each bottle.


On Friday night (Jun 17), Tuatara Bohemian Pilsner, APA (Aotearoa Pale Ale), Sauvinova Single Hop Pale Ale, and Conehead IPA will be on tap at Arrow Factory's Liangmaqiao location for one night only, each for RMB 45, or RMB 135 for four.

Slow Boat have just released their new beer Sea Monster Sea Weed Pale Ale, with 5.4 percent ABV, which we were lucky enough to try at last weekend's Craft Beer Festival. It's a delicate pale ale, with a hint of saltiness and umami, which come from the dried seaweed added during boiling. The golden color and medium body made me instantly crave sushi to accompany the crisp taste.

And finally, in mass-produced beer news, Tsingtao has teamed up with the Warcraft movie, releasing a Warcraft version of their canned 1903 classic beer. Expect to see these piling up in a wangba near you.

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