In the lead up to the Beijinger's month-long Burger Cup (which kicked off May 16 with burger specials around town), we are grilling the restaurateurs taking part. Today's segment stars Benby Chan, founder of Loft Eatalicious, one of the many eateries that will not only be slinging juicy patties at our May 28 Burger Festival, but also vying for the title of Burger Cup champion (voting for which begins on May 30). Below, Chan tells us about leaving the world of finance in order to bank on Loft Eatalicious’ signature burger.

How long have you been a burger flipper?
I was an investment banker and CEO of a listed major industrial conglomerate in Asia before founding my own investment company. At the peak of my finance career, I took 200 flights and stayed 270 hotel nights a year. That was fun and exotic but I decided to opt for semi-retirement in order to spend more time with the family. The restaurant business was more of a pastime for me initially, as I always enjoyed meeting and interacting with different people. We first opened a 900-square-meter café, which housed the first rendition of the Loft Eatalicious kitchen. Seeing as I take every interest seriously, approaching them with all my heart and passion, the restaurant business flourished and has now become a serious investment.

Give us the lowdown on your signature burger.
Our Eatalicious Beef Burger with fries is offered at our restaurant for RMB 99. It will be served, without fries, at the May 28 Burger Festival at a big discount: RMB 30.

Brief us on your beef.
Our beef comes from Australia. We only use the best available quality beef to make the patties.

Give us the lowdown on your toppings.
We heap on a generous amount of lettuce, fresh tomato, mozzarella, and bacon.

Bun conundrum: what bread is best suited to hold your burgers together?
Unlike some of our competitors, who outsource their buns, we are proud to make all our buns and breads ourselves.

Inspiring diners: Which fast food joint, other than your own, would you recommend most highly?
I really enjoyed going to an In and Out Burger when I was in San Francisco. All their ingredients were fresh, and you could watch your burger being prepared. It made for a cool experience. Also, their burgers are really juicy. I still miss it.

Do you have any Burger Days promotions in lieu of the Beijinger’s Burger Cup?
We are offering a 50 percent discount every Monday during the Burger Cup voting period.

Stay tuned for further info on Burger Days discounts at Loft Eatalicious' and other restaurants around town from May 16 onward. Also, be sure to check the Beijinger blog for regular updates on the Burger Cup competition (voting for which begins May 30), and how you can cast your ballot for 2016's beef patty champion (which will be crowned on June 13). 

The Beijinger's 2016 Burger Cup is brought to you in cooperation with the following sponsors: Oasis HospitalMcCain Fries, and Santa Fe Movers, Etonkids, Sherpa's, Lonely Planet, Xian Cheng, and Asian Tigers.

Photo: Loft Eatalicious

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