The votes have been counted and it is almost time for the 2014 Reader Bar & Club awards themselves. Before the party of the year this Sunday we wanted to let you know some of this year’s winners. Here’s the Best Regular Bar Event and your choice for the most fun that can be had in a hostelry on a scheduled basis.

The Bookworm Quiz Night

The Brick Quiz Night
Xiu Ladies' Night

Read that and weep, fact fans and ladies, but what did the award-winning chaps have to say about how overcome with emotion they are and why they think they won? We asked for some insight from The Bookworm Quizmaster and this is what he had to say:

"Why did we win? I imagine it's because Time Out just called us "Best For Casual Quizzers" and people are more comfortable now that they have unilaterally imposed a dress code. Either that or the Travis-themed music round every week. I hear that Travis can push these votes over the edge."

Give them a high five at the next Bookworm Pub Quiz (every Friday), The Brick Quiz Night (second Tuesday of every month) and Xiu Ladies Night (every Thursday).

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