Next Tuesday Meridian Space presents the 25th session of their MIJI Concert Series, whereby experimental musicians perform in a particularly long, rectangular room. This time, Czech artist Petr Vrba, Hong Kong artist Jasper Fung, and Beijing-based Shandong artist Li Zenghui tag along for the ride.

Vrba is known for his exploration of non-idiomatic improvisation using various instruments including trumpets, clarinets, vibrating speakers, and egg cutters, to name just a few, and is one of the most active experimental musicians in Prague. Li is also a well-known player in Qingdao's underground music scene as a current member of Walnut Room and Omnipotent Youth Society, and formerly of Slant Rhyme. Together with Fung, a Hong Kong-based sound artist and keyboardist, the night promises a solid line-up from three multi-platform performers.

The concert commences at 8pm on June 30, and entry is RMB 50.

The MIJI Concert Series first began in 2011, helping to bring Beijing and international together for experimental jam sessions. Since then, the concerts have seen growing success, with the carefully curated combination of artists lending to anything from cold improvisation to absolute noise.

Below, hear Petr Vrba perform with Ryu Hankil as Yanagi Duo:

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