As the end of March draws to a close so too does the Capital M Literary Festival. Before you retire your beret and delicately slip your dust covers back over your prized paperbacks, you can still catch a variety of weekend events set to conclude this annual glut of cultural conversations in Beijing.

To gain the most out of Capital M's grand finale, you can invest in a Weekend Pass (RMB 350) which includes access to all weekend sessions, drinks, and afternoon tea for one on each day. Tickets for each individual event (except for Literary Lunches) are RMB 75 and include one free drink.

Here are our hot picks for how to end your Capital M Literary Festival experience:


Jeremy Tredinnick: Journey to the West
Jeremy takes you on an intense journey through the Silk Road legacy, including a detailed exploration of mostly unchartered mountainous regions and a look at one of the world's most bewitching desert environments. 11am-noon.

John Delury: Wealth and Power in China
Examine China's long march to incorporating itself as a 21st-Century powerhouse as John Delury makes exciting commentary about the influential figures in China's history who helped mold the modern China we know today. 3-4pm.

(Evan Osnos' talk "The Age of Ambition" at 5pm has been sold out)


Benjamin Law: Gaysia
From Thai ladyboys to Tokyo drag queens, Indian yoga to cure homosexuality and Malaysian reformed gay Christian fundamentalists, Benjamin Law leaves no gay stone unturned as he discusses his newest published book. 1-2pm.

Timothy Garton Ash: History of the Present
Listen to an accomplished historian, Guardian columnist and the author of nine books of political writing or, as he prefers, ‘history of the present’ discuss how changes across Europe and Asia over the past 30 years have helped to shape the modern world. 5-6pm.

Visit our Events or Capital M's website for the full list. All events held at Capital M.


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