Northeast Chapter (Dalian): PowerPoint Design Ideas for Business (PowerPoint商务演示·设计理念)

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Thursday, May 28, 2015 - Castle Hotel Dalian

AmCham China Northeast Chapater invites you to join us for this very useful and practical training course in Dalian. It is a good investment in yourself and your company. Bring your open mind and a previous presentation you’d like to improve while learning new presentation development methodology.

There’s more beyond PowerPoint templates and bullet points. Pick up ideas on creating powerful visuals, beautiful design and typography to captivate your audience. This seminar is about how to create great-looking slides. Making bad slides is easy and we have seen many. Making good slides is easy, too, but you need to be willing to invest in your slides and invest in your own visual thinking skills. We’ll help you with PowerPoint techniques along the way.


1. PowerPoint Basics for Getting Your Presentation Off to a Solid Start
-10 essentials of an effective PowerPoint presentation
-Planning steps that will save you time and grief on the back end
-Wizards and templates – what’s the difference and when to use them
-Tour the 5 PowerPoint screen views and learn how to change them in a flash
-Where to find the best free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds
-Customizing your presentation by creating your own templates
-Design trick: Examples of PowerPoint unleashed, PowerPoint goof-ups, and PowerPoint Hall of Shame

2. Building Exciting Slides to Drive Your Points Home
-The secret to structuring a well-organized presentation
-How to create an outline and build slides in one easy step
-Tips for using Apply Design to create a master slide
-The easy way to select, cut, copy and paste slides
-Create, edit, place and adjust text boxes
-Using text alignment to create professional looking slides
-Design trick: The importance of limiting the amount of information on a slide – and how to determine the correct amount

3. Design Tips for Giving Your Presentation Professional Polish
-Picking a graphic look and tone that enhance your overall message
-The emotions of color: How choosing the right – or wrong – color can impact your message
-Using type fonts to convey the tone you want
-Maximize your presentation design with these simple layout techniques
-Design Trick: An inexpensive tool that guarantees complementary color combinations every time

4. Easy Formatting Methods for Creating a Flawless Presentation
-How to rotate and resize objects, crop photos and more
-Tricks for leading the viewer’s eye to critical data
-Learn the basics of graphics image editing
-The secret to creating a flow that naturally leads the viewer from slide to slide
-Design trick: How-to’s for building easy-to-understand graphs, charts and tables to convey complex information

5. Adding Multimedia and Other Special Effects to Make Your Presentation Sizzle
-Learn when and how to use clip art in your slides
-How to incorporate sound, video and animation clips into your slides
-Explore the 50+ animation settings available from PowerPoint
-Learn where to find additional high-quality illustrations and graphics for your presentation
-Personalize a single slide by recording a sound or comment
-Design trick: Tour some of the coolest add-ins that can push your PowerPoint presentation to the extreme!

6. Incorporating Other Office Applications and the Web Into Your Presentation
-Learn how to link one presentation to another
-Working with Excel Charts
-Understanding SmartArt Types and Their Uses
-Working with Linked and Embedded Objects
-Exporting PowerPoint Objects to Other Programs
-Design trick: Tips for moving seamlessly between applications and the Web without any glitches

7. Details for Delivering Your First-Rate Presentation with Style
-How to customize one show for multiple audiences
-Key steps for setting up a timed presentation
-Create a “looping show” for pre-shows, breaks and exit shows
-Producing eye-catching handouts that will enhance your presentation’s effectiveness
-Adding page numbers, headers and footers to your printed slides
-Design trick: How-to’s for publishing your finished presentation on the Web

1. 基本功:为创建演示文稿打下坚实的基础
-PowerPoint 5 种不同的显示视图,如何快速切换,又如何合理加以利用?

2. 关键点:令人兴奋的幻灯片一定要言简意赅、直抒胸臆

3. 专业度:让您的演示文稿极具专业风范

4. 完美性:一些简单的格式化方法,让幻灯片没有瑕疵

5. 夺眼球:合理添加多媒体及其他特效
-PowerPoint 内置的 50 余种特效,如何为我所用?
-设计诀窍:炫酷,来自一些 PowerPoint 小插件!

6. 协同化:与其它常用 Office 组件相互协作
-与 Excel 图表完美交互
-将 PowerPoint 对象导出至其它应用程序

7. 超一流:练就专属的演示风格
-设计诀窍:如何基于 Web 页面共享已设计好的演示文稿?

Adam Liu, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional MVP PMP

The Castle Hotel, Dalian
No. 600 Binhai West Road, Shahekou District, Dalian

9:00-12:00am - Session 1
12:00-13:00pm - Business Lunch
13:00-16:00pm - Session 2

Cardholding members advanced discounted online price: RMB 1,200
Non-cardholding employees of member companies: RMB 1,200
Non-members: RMB 1,800

Special Registration Information:

Please bring a laptop computer with a recent version of PowerPoint installed.
This course is delivered in Chinese 此课程为中文授课

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This event is off-the-record.

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