Date: Mar 17th 2014 10:24a.m.
Contributed by: ywang16


Xunda is a one-stop center for all your plumbing repair and installation needs. With over 10 years of experience serving Beijing and 40 online shops, Xunda offers professional maintenance services for water pipes, drainage systems and bathroom facilities, including toilet repair, water pressure adjustments and septic tank check-ups.

For flooding emergencies, a 24-hour hotline is available every day of the year including holidays. A Xunda plumber estimated that standard toilet leaks cost around RMB200 to repair. Xunda’s website and service people operate in Chinese only, so brush up on your language skills before you call.



JYDST will fix and clean any plumbing-related problem imaginable. Call one of their four numbers 24 hours a day and they’ll send a service person to your address. When we called, a toilet leak repair was estimated to be around RMB180. Their all-Chinese website looks a bit shoddy, but their services are listed cut-and-dried with no extraneous content.



The technicians at Matongweixiu are a bunch of toilet aficionados—and we do mean aficionados. Got a toilet leak? Matongweixiu offers professional maintenance and repair for all kinds of toilets and nothing else.

To compensate for the lack of other plumbing services, they offer 24-hour calls for toilet repair at extremely discounted prices, running as low as RMB50, plus additional charges for extra parts needed. If you’d like to brush up on your Chinese toilet vocab, they have an extensive toilet maintenance FAQ on their website for your reading pleasure.


Beijing Hirotoshi

Beijing Hirotoshi has been around for 12 years serving all districts of Beijing with over 60 personnel and 20 plumbing technicians stationed around the city. They offer repair and installation services for plumbing as well as electric systems, so you can fix your pipes and fuses at the same ...

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