A group of people attempted suicide in Wangfujing Saturday after drinking pesticide, Chinese-language news outlets and social media reported.

The group, numbering at least 10 people fell to the ground, some frothing at the mouth. A black vial found nearby smelled of pesticide, witnesses stated. One photo of the incident showed 16 people on the ground.

According to the Beijing Public Security Bureau's official Weibo account, Beijing Dongcheng Public Security Bureau the group numbered more than 30. All were taken away by ambulance and are receiving treatment. No fatalities have been reported.

Other reports indicated the group are taxi drivers from Suifenhe in Heilongjiang, China's northeasternmost province. The group apparently were seeking redress for unstated grievances.

The drinking of insecticide or pesticide is often used for suicide attempts in China, especially in rural areas.

Photo: Sing Tao

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