Date: Mar 11th 2014 2:26p.m.
Contributed by: amidanruo

Although plans for a new location of favorite hutong bike-and-beer haunt Serk are ongoing, they are not letting real estate woes distract them from organizing plenty of events now that the weather is (hopefully) warming up.

March 29 is the second edition of the Vintage Bike Ride. Break out your best turn-0f-the-century threads and polish up your trusty Phoenix frame for the ride from D-Park in 798 to Parkview Green. See our coverage of last year's tweeds-and-Yongjius extravaganza right here and more photos by Penn Wang on Stylites

In April, they are organizing a long weekend biking getaway to Jiuhuashan and Taiping Lake, including plenty of nature rides and temple visits, local food and color.

On a local note, there will be regular Beijing Mountain Escapes where, similarly to 2013, groups will get away to the hills and naturey bits outside of Beijing for a breath of fresh air. Check their website for a full list of dates. Finally, consider joining I'm in, a new venture between Serk and AQI-predicting algorithm Banshirne, which uses information from the weather authorities to predict which days are good air days (sub-50) and organizes rides based on the air quality as opposed to on any fixed days or times. Sign up on their alert list if you'd like to find out about upcoming rides.

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