The World of Chinese brings us up-to-date on the continuing saga of Crazy English founder Li Yang, who is apparently making his bucks these days giving inspirational lectures at sales meetings. 

Li made millions with his particular brand of cult-like English learning where he encouraged people to lose their inhibitions and just belt out English to learn. He made bigger headlines in recent years after his American wife and mother of his three children accused him of domestic abuse, which resulted in a divorce settlement earlier this year that cited his abuse as just cause for the split.

In this particular gem (Chinese only), at about the 4:00 mark, he goes into his tirade on beating his wife, translated by The World of Chinese here:

“Those who know I hit my wife, raise your hand! I am the spokesperson for domestic abuse !… This is a cultural clash between China and America; it has nothing to do with domestic abuse. One day, the Party and the state will rehabilitate me. I was doing something to educate Americans! [emphasis ours] My American wife was always criticizing China, accusing our Party of lying. In such a situation, could I not hit her?… Everyday accusing Beijing, saying that AQI is lying. She was lucky I could bear it, in America I would have shot her with a gun!”

The crowd reacts with laughter. Charming.

Video: Youku

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