Job hunting is a daunting process. Every week there are hundreds of new postings in our Classifieds Section with job descriptions that range from education, to business, to design, and more. In a growing city like Beijing it's a sure thing that there's something out there perfect for you, but trying to weed it out is quite the challenge. That's why we hope to highlight some of the classifieds that are a little different from the norm and may push your career in a completely new and exciting direction. Below are some positions you might be interested in:

Marketing Coordinator (US Citizen)
If you have in-depth knowledge about the EB-5 Visa terms and conditions, as well as a healthy appreciation for travel and immaculate attention to detail in both your career development and presentation, this property development want to know you.

BON TV Anchor
Lights, camera, action! Be the face of an upcoming regular TV series that introduces Chinese culture and characteristics to a Western audience. Confidence is key here in both articulation skills and production know how.

Radio Producer/Journalist
Become an integral part of China Radio's new flagship English production that delves in to pressing current affair issues. In addition to interviews, candidates will also be producing organic content and editing scripts for broadcasting. 

Copy Editor
Along with having a keen eye for polishing grammatical errors in translated content, a reasonable control of Web design and navigation is also helpful as you give input into their online platform redesign. 

Web Manager
Helm the online division of The World of Chinese, an eight year strong publication brand that boasts a global readership. If you can increase SEO traffic, launch online advertising campaigns, and help develop the online magazine, speak with them now.

Chief Technology Officer
With headquarters in Shanghai, this new CTO needs to lead the technical team into completing the new website development. Intricate knowledge of CMS system development, web building, and e-commerce is a must. 

Art Director + Assistant Director
Direct a small English theatrical play for children as you build up your production and artistic leadership skills. Professional training will be provided before and during the course, but possessing a healthy creative talent is desirable.

Hiking Reality Show Participants
Three teams of four persons comprised of two males and two females (Chinese, English, or bi-lingual combinations accepted) are needed for a weekend show filming. If roughing it outside and competing in challenges sounds like your kind of fun, send a short introductory video of your team to these guys now.

English Film Dubbing
Ten films are looking for an English voiceover accompaniment so eloquence is a must. US or Canadian accents preferred. A degree in film is also desirable. 

Best of luck to you all!

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