The Bookworm Literary Festival is coming up, and tickets are now available! The festival will run between March 13 and March 29, and this is your chance to win a pair of tickets to a 'Meet the Authors' event of your choice from the list below.*

To be in the chance to win, answer this simple question: What was bilingual author Dorothy Tse’s first English language book?

Email your name and answer to [email protected] before midnight tomorrow (Mar 10), and who knows, maybe you and a friend will have the chance to meet your favorite author.

If you want to know more about the festival, see the full list of events on their website.

Meet the Authors: Presenting …

Mar 19: Dennis Bock, Anna Chen, Bradford Philen. 6pm.

Mar 21: Horatio Clare, Aka Morchiladze, Jason Y. Ng. 2pm.

Mar 23: Brooke Davis, Douglas Gibson, Guadalupe Nettel. 6pm.

Mar 23: Clare Azzopardi, Mary Costello, Xi Ni Er, Damon Young. 8pm.

Mar 25: Dean Barrett, Jennifer Mills, Anna Solding, Jakob Vedelsby. 8pm.

*tickets subject to availability

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