Welcome home. Presumably even the most decadent among you have returned from a month-long Chinese New Year sojourn and are back to work/school/lazing about in the hutongs now that March has arrived. 

This is as good a time as any to remind you that you have one week left to cast your opinion in the Beijinger's 2015 Reader Restaurant Awards. We close voting on Sunday March 8.


If you are not an opinion leader or you are fresh off the boat and really have no idea where to go to eat, the nomination list itself (selected by over 200 regular foodies) is a great document to peruse, as it is a virtual gold mine of suggestions for great places to eat in Beijing.

And if you want some more ideas of places to try, follow our restaurant awards coverage here. To date we've covered more than 20 of the venues and personalities that make up this year's nominations.

While a peek behind the scenes indicates a few places are running away with their respective races, most of the 50 categories remain intensely competitive. Your vote could be the difference between winning and losing for your favorite venue.

PS to the ballot stuffers (you know who you are): several reputed establishments have resorted to the age-old technique of spending hours pumping the survey full of fake votes for themselves.

While we appreciate the pageviews, we have to tell you that you are wasting your time -- we've already identified and deleted over 1,000 fake ballots, and we're getting irritated enough that we may just disqualify your venue outright if you keep up with the nonsense.

We're not naming names, but let's say some of these ballot-stuffers have pulled down top awards in the awards ceremonies of several of our esteemed competitors in the Beijing expat rag scene who are obviously not screening ballots too carefully.

So dig in and give a helping hand to all your favorite venues. And pig out while you're at it.

Image: the Beijinger

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