Same ol' same ol' in the travel world, it seems. 

Travelers from China went everywhere during Spring Festival, and The Wall Street Journal wrote about it here. During the holiday, Chinese airlines operated about 60,000 flights, up 7.8 percent over 2014. If you flew, you noticed it. 

Despite the large numbers of flyers, there were few incidents of air misbehavior, let's call it. Earlier this week there was a couple and their three-year-old son who were tossed off a Cathay Pacific Airways flight when said son wouldn't take his seat and his parents wouldn't make him. On Thursday, a female passenger flying from Nanning to Beijing was arrested after announcing she had explosives and intended to commit suicide by blowing up the plane. She didn't have explosives but was arrested and taken off the plane. 

Hainan Airlines will fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Beijing to Seattle, and if it adds Shanghai to Boston later this year (Beijing to Boston is already announced), the 787 will do the service. The airlines just bought a bunch of them, and will also employ them out of Beijing for its new route to San Jose. All Nippon Airways (ANA) already flies from Beijing to San Jose on the 787 (pictured) via Japan. Boeing's 777 can also make the trip -- it has been flying on routes such as United's Beijing to Newark, New Jersey service for years.

The Four Seasons Hotel Beijing is featuring a Become a Beijinger program, which includes early morning taiji at the Temple of Heaven, a tea ceremony, and that quintessential Beijing experience, an imperial scrub at their spa. More information here if you're interested.

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Photo: Wikimedia

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