Date: Mar 4th 2014 4:25p.m.
Contributed by: ericakatemartin

Have you ever sipped a brew and thought it would be perfect if only it was a little more hoppy, or a little less sweet?  Now's your chance to make the beer of your dreams: Hops Magazine is teaming up with My Homebrew Store and Shangai Beer Week for the city's first ever Homebrew Competition.  Amateur brewmasters can purchase ingredients and equipment at the shop to brew their original conoctions, and they must mail in two bottles of the finished product for the judges to taste before the May 30 deadline.

All judges of the competition are eminent members of Shanghai's brewery community: Michael Jordan of Boxing Cat Brewery, Leon Mickelson of The Brew, and Mike Sherretz of My Homebrew Store. Their criteria for the brews include appearance, aroma, flavor and "mouthfeel."  Competition will be intense, and the prizes on offer are an assortment of goods from My Homebrew Store and sanctioned permission to be a beer snob at every gathering you attend thereafter.  Procrastinators beware: it takes at least a month to brew a batch. Check out all the details here, and get brewing!

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