Firewall-iconOne of the most important tools in the arsenal for any expat living in China (and any traveler to China, and also any Chinese person living in China) is a VPN. A VPN service provides a “tunnel” that encrypts your traffic and allows you access to the global Internet.

It is still amazing that so many expats do not rely on a good VPN. Without a VPN, any business emails, or websites you visit while in China, will be tracked by the government. But with a VPN, you avoid all those issues. And with a VPN, you also gain access to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, BBC, NYTimes, Bloomberg, and all of Google’s services. Why would any person in China not want to use a VPN? All the new outlets are today reporting that Gmail is again blocked. See these articles here:


So we have seen lots of VPN services come and go. Many lack details on their website about their physical location, which makes them VERY VERY dubious. And others don’t “know China” so well, so they often get blocked inside China.


The best VPN provider we at have found is from the company in Hong Kong called Kovurt. Kovurt’s VPN works so well in China, and they have lots of experience making it work in China. We like them so much here, we’ve been a member of their affiliate program for a year, so that is why you see some banners on our site. Other companies had affiliate programs, but Kovurt’s service are always so good, so until they fail us we will continue promoting them. And we like the branding angle of “Become a Kovurt Agent”.

Also, want to know more about how to use a VPN? Use for details on Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows.