Date: Feb 26th 2014 11:10a.m.
Contributed by: cityweekend

Meet this week's Fashionista! 

Name: Gauthier Platon

Occupation: HR manager in France, currently a student in Beijing

Nationality: French


Fashionista double agent Gauthier Platon is a student in Beijing, but back in France he is more accustomed to human resources management. This means he is constantly switching his fashion identity—dapper three-piece suits during workdays, then laid-back T-shirts and jeans outside the office. Gauthier has a self-proclaimed “natural taste” for fashion born from instinct, which he believes is something you either have or you don’t. But of course it is something that can grow if it’s nurtured properly.

His personal style didn’t happen overnight, but came from studying movies, magazines and chatting and getting advice from other fashion-loving friends. Gauthier’s style isn’t exuberant or flamboyant, but rather classic with attention paid to discreet well-coordinated style and detail. He is pictured wearing a beloved coat, perfect for handling Paris during winter: warm and well draped. He often pairs it with his All Saints tube scarf from the UK, and the boots are a proud first purchase in Beijing—memories of a successful bargaining moment!

fashion make up

One of Gauthier’s absolute favorite boutiques is French brand Zadig & Voltaire, introduced to him by a former boss and now an indispensible part of his wardrobe. “It’s chic and tasteful, just like home.”

Gauthier is proud of his European style, and his philosophy is admirable: “Wear what you want and what makes you unique, always create and wear personal details, something you choose independently that reflects your true personality.”

Gauthier loves to play with fashion, identity and appearance and can been seen spotted throughout the Beijing markets, from Yashow to 3.3 and occasional H&M run. You can be sure that even the winter cold won’t stop ...

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