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We are often asked how the food from westernized Chinese restaurants compares to REAL Chinese food. In reality, it’s very different. This week, we asked around the Next Step China office to find out what each of our favorite Chinese foods are in China, so you can know what types of dishes to expect when you come to China.

Derek Capo: CEO and Co-Founder My favorite food in China is fried rice with a bit of spicy bean sauce. There is a place on the first floor of my apartment complex that serves it up all day long. It is quick and easy, and even after living here for six years, I still love to eat it.


Amethyst Wytiu: COO and Co-Founder My favorite food in China has got to be grilled fish. There are numerous restaurants that serve grilled fish in Beijing, but there is a new restaurant in the U-Center that has amazing grilled fish. You are given several choices upon sitting down (what fish, how big, how do you want it cooked). Once you order, you will wait around 30 minutes for them to prepare the fish, and it is served in a huge buffet style tray with a burner underneath. Definitely something that you can’t eat by yourself.


Xing Laoshi: Chinese Tutor I love dumplings. They are simple and good, and to me there is nothing better. It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner…it’s always a good time to eat dumplings.


Albertus Rowan: Program Associate Chuanr is by far my favorite food here in China. It is very simple: just meat on a stick. But, the atmosphere that surrounds the act of going out to get chuanr is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is something that everyone has to try when they come to China.


Li Laoshi: Head Chinese Teacher I am selective about what I eat, but I would have to say my favorite thing to eat is potatoes. As long as they are cooked right, I like any kind of potatoes.


Wang Laoshi: Chinese Teacher and Associate My favorite food in China is Hot Pot. It’s a great meal to get with friends and an excellent way to warm you up on a cold evening. It is something that you can’t have every day, but when you do crave Hot Pot, you won’t be happy until you’ve had some.


What about you? Which of these foods sounds the most tasty to you, and which are you most excited to try when you come to China? Tweet us your answer @nextstepchina, or send me a quick email to [email protected] to let me know.

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