We’ve heard of social-focused counseling and physical rehabilitation for those with disabilities, but Rosey Feltham and Georgie Cockburn are approaching therapy from a different angle: through dance. They used their skills in the performing arts to found Pojie Arts, an organization that helps students with disabilities work creatively. Pojie also aims to foster a feeling of community and contribution that can be sorely lacking for those who feel different or underestimated.

Do you have a background in dance?

Rosey’s background is in contemporary dance choreography and performance. After graduating from dance school in Auckland, New Zealand, she founded a dance performance company and was part of the company for five years before moving to Beijing. Rosey’s role there included choreography, dance and artistic direction. Georgie worked primarily as an actor for a number of years, specializing in physical theater and then trained in dance and theatre before beginning to work alongside performers with disabilities. Whilst working in London, Georgie collaborated with New Adventures, Random Dance, Sadler’s Wells and Tate Modern to produce original performance work by artists with disabilities and to deliver training in creative and inclusive dance practice.

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Photo: Courtesy of Handicap International & Yan Lei

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