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ChinaExpats.com brings together people from all over the world who are living, working and traveling in China.

For the May Day holiday in China that honors laborers, we decided to focus on the expatriates building the Chinese technology companies that put people to work. Building a business anywhere in the world is tough, but foreigners find navigating China’s business world very tricky.

Danny Levinson is an American expat who has lived in China for 20 years. He first arrived in China in 1997 and has continuously lived…

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No, breating air from down under doesn’t mean air emanating from under your belt line… it means air from Australia. A couple of expatriate brothers from Australia are promoting their breathing canisters through viral Chinese videos like this:

After you watch the Aussie in the video breating clean air while you are freezing your…

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Join us for a very special 45-minute One-on-One Session in Shenzhen with our Associate Dean – Global Outreach and discover what makes our Executive MBA unique and most importantly, why it should matter to you.

More info here.

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Thanks to the recession there are some outstanding opportunities to buy property in the USA for a fraction of what it is worth. And expats in China seeking for safer places to make investments should consider US property investments.

In fact, house prices in some areas are at their lowest since 1993. That’s up to 70% below their peak….

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One of the hardest parts of living and working in China is the opacity by which the local and national governments operate in China. It is often unclear which laws they follow, since often even the Chinese constitution is not followed when both Chinese citizens and foreigners are involved with the law.

Now we hear bad news from

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A parking lot security guard in Hong Kong was allegedly killed by Deutsche Bank’s head of Asia-Pacific equities trading, Robert James Ebert.

Ebert was apparently driving his Ferrari in a parking lot when the death occurred. The HKD4.5 million Ferrari hit a Maserati at the parking structure’s entrance, and at the same time hit the security guard. Why the two cars had…

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Being an expat in China doesn’t have to be difficult if you use a great VPN from a great company like Kovurt.com. Kovurt is ru by expats, for expats! And this week (until May 08), Kovurt is offering all ChinaExpats.com users (and everyone else!) a whopping 45% discount off any subscription!

Kovurt has fantastic customer service and the VPN works awesome…

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ChinaExpats.com has partnered with the great folks at Kovurt.com to provide everyone a 39% discount off any new Kovurt VPN service in 2015!

Just go to Kovurt.com and use the discount code “chinaexpats2015” at the checkout and their already-low rates will be…

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China’s rule of law is more pomp than circumstance, as told by the WSJ’s piece “A Bar Tussle Ends in a Beijing Jail: A Young Expat’s Story” by Sofia McFarland. Any foreigner residing and doing business in China should read this piece, as it parallels much of the frustrations, conceits, deceits, and goings-on we face on a…

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The last few weeks have seen lots of complaints on ChinaExpats.com about VPN providers like Expressvpn and Strongvpn losing connectivity in China. The good news is better providers like Kovurt.com are still providing excellent services and connectivity and they are providing a 30% discount to any new user.

Use the discount code…

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