For many a seasoned expat who has stuck it out in China during the Spring Festival holidays, celebrating Chinese New Year is a blur of deafening fireworks, rounds of “Ganbei!”, a flurry of hongbao, watching the Spring Gala performance and then complaining about it – a pastiche solely experienced through taking pictures on one’s cell phone to allow for sharing upon social media.

But wait, there’s more! Spring Festival is more than just explosions and the color red. In fact, properly celebrating Chinese New Year is a ritual that takes place over multiple days and requires the adherance to specific customs, each with its own specific meanings.

The following infographic of Chinese New Year traditions, facts and superstions has been graciously provided to us by our friends at Barrington Freight to share with our readers. See if you can pick out which traditions are still being practiced today. Click on the image below and enjoy!

Infographic courtesy Barrington Freight