Date: Jan 20th 2014 4:38p.m.

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The Good Earth Project, an environmental group based on Chongming Island, will host the the city’s first crayfish race at Barcino on Thursday. The organization grows organic black rice on their island-based farm, using crayfish as a natural rice pest killer. Because crayfish can’t survive in pesticide-laden environs, their prescense ensures that the farm is truly organic. (As we all know, “organic” is a fluid concept in China, so the label doesn’t always mean pesticide-free as it might in the West). 

Spectators will be allowed to sponsor crayfish in the race (RMB50 each); 30 percent of the proceeds will be given out as prizes, while the rest will go to the charitable One Foundation. Delicious crayfish dishes, created by Madison, will also be served, along with creative crustacean-inspired cocktails.