Date: Jan 23rd 2014 11:57a.m.

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Okay, we’ve always been Heyrobics skepics. Something about the tiny pink shorts, overenthusiastic high-fiving and scarily smiley participants has always put us off, to put it lightly. However, we also are huge fans of 80s music. So we put aside our prejudices towards sweating like a Swede in order to, at least at first, get our fill of Cyndi Lauper, Spandau Ballet and New Order outside of Alfa 80’s Night or any given night DJ Compakt Dicks plays at Dada.

And the verdict? After our first Heyrobics, we’ve come to the conclusion that while half the exercises are the same as the way we dance, normally, on Saturday nights, the other half require far more coordination and rhythm than our slothful body is used to. Chatting with the instructors after the session, we were assured that the familiarity comes with time.

Heyrobics plans on having a themed workouts once a month. The next one is 70s night, scheduled for Feb. 19. Future themes might include 90s night, music from the movies and more. And the best part? If you send them an email ([email protected]) at least two days in advance, they take song requests as well.