Teaching English in another country sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Here’s what you can expect when you decide to become one of our Next Step China teachers.   In the past five years, we have had more than 500 teachers choose our Teach English in China program. Become one of them by helping students learn conversational English and pronunciation. Our teachers spend 20 to 30 hours per week teaching, creating lesson plans, and working directly with ambitious students.

Here are 10 perks of teaching English in China with us.

1. Flexible Start Date.

We have a comprehensive teaching program, which means that we can get you a position in a paid summer, semester or year-long teaching position.

2. Various Environments.

Choose from language schools, elementary, middle, high school, university or one-on-one tutoring programs.

3. No Degree Necessary.

Whether or not you have a degree, you are welcome to apply to teach for us.

4. Competitive Pay.

When compared to other teaching programs, we pay our teachers 30% higher. You will receive at least $20/hour and up to $3,000/month. Experienced teachers with a certificate and TESOL make at least $25/hour.

5. Time Off.

Since you will be only teaching 20-30 hours each week, you will have time to go explore the city, sightseeing and socializing.

6. Cover Costs.

Our packages are designed to help you pay off any travel costs and help you to maintain a comfortable lifestyle while in China.

7. Experienced Team.

Many of our Next Step China team members joined us as teachers. They know the ins and outs of China and can share tips about living in China from their own personal experience.

8. Your Advocate.

We work on the behalf of the teachers–not the schools. Many of our teachers choose our program because we do not receive compensation from the schools we place you in. You are never stuck in a contract that promised but did not meet expectations.

9. Extensive Support.

When teaching with us, you will receive tools and support above and beyond job placement. Our mission is for you to have a great experience in China.

10. Experience China.

This is the biggest perk–in our humble opinion. We love China and want you to experience the best that China has to offer.   Not only will teaching English in China be memorable for you, but you will greatly impact those you meet and teach. Meet students, peers, educators, and travelers from all over the world. Develop a fundamental understanding of the Chinese language. Get exposed to a new culture, and exotic food. No, you will not be required to have teaching experience, but you must have creativity, enthusiasm, and a craving for adventure.

Ready to get started? Click here to check out our various program options or simply shoot us a message. We look forward to helping you go experience China!

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