Anyone with even the smallest desire to learn Chinese should. Chinese is a unique language that has been spoken for a very long time. Where I live, which is in the United States, there are many Chinese people, but surprisingly not a lot of people who have the desire to learn Chinese or even think about going to China. They either have prejudices about how china will be or make fun of the Chinese language instead of trying to learn it.

Learning a language can be fun, if you enjoy new experiences. Learning Spanish doesn’t take too long, and neither does French. Despite all the grammar in those two languages, it is still fairly simple to learn them. In Chinese, there are two different ways you can write it, pinyin and in characters. Characters are the most popular writing system. Chinese is a funny language to learn because it sounds much different than the languages people normally enjoy learning. It isn’t always necessary for people to go with the flow. I think you should always try something different.

Even though I think that everyone should learn Chinese, it isn’t the language for everyone. Learning a language isn’t very hard, but learning a language with no motivation is. For instance, if you are a high school student learning Chinese, but you have no motivation whatsoever, then it will be more difficult for you to care about what you are learning. Although Chinese is a challenge, the journey is priceless. You can never be fluent in Chinese because there is always something new to learn. Learning Chinese is something that you set as your long-term goal. Starting in high school is important because it could not only improve your future, but change some of your life experiences.

Learning Chinese in high school is important for two main reasons. First, it is a language that can take you many places, even when you don’t expect it. Second, learning a difficult language during high school is good because you will be able to challenge yourself more while in high school.

Learning Chinese in high school is also important because it is an ongoing process. Most languages can be learned very quickly in about one or two years, but with Chinese, it is different. It is good for a high school student to get an experience which will be challenging them for the rest of life. With Chinese, there is always something new to learn, which makes each day studying it even more exciting than the previous.

Learning Chinese has always been exciting for me. Why? I think that if you truly love it you will gain a valuable skill from it: confidence. Speaking Chinese in front of a native Chinese speaker can be nerve-racking, but every time I have attempted to speak Chinese, it has only gotten better. I once spent a few hours in a hair salon, and the lady who washed my hair was a native Chinese speaker. She and I only had about a 20-minute conversation, but that is when I felt that my studying Chinese in high school had finally paid off.

If you decide to learn Chinese, I think that it will benefit all of your future learning experiences. Chinese is a way to create new study habits for future difficult study. For me, Chinese has always been one of the most interesting parts of my life. It is cool when you are walking down the street–or are on the train–and hear some people talking to each other, and you understand. Yes, I believe that it is important for a student to learn Chinese to possibly help their future career. Most of all, you will embark on an amazing journey that is wonderful, fascinating and will take you places you’ve never believed. Unlike most subjects that you learn in high school, such as science and history, they can be easily forgotten. However, Chinese is an unforgettable subject that one will hopefully come to love. I dare you to learn Chinese!

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