After overspending on the H&M sale rack, there was nothing more satisfying than receiving this surprise: a Chinese New Year red envelope given along with my receipt and my shopping bag. Woohoo!

But when I peered inside that stallion-stamped sleeve, my heart sank back into a sea of penniless-driven misery.

It turns out that many Western brands have a new strategy for identifying more with China, and that is to give out branded hongbaos that one can, in turn, give away for Chinese New Year. Luxury brands have been jumping on this trend and designing their own classy, red envelopes, according to the Jing Daily. I’ll give them this: The envelopes are quite stylish.

In what, I suppose, is a clever marketing gimmick, came a wash of disappointment when I realized that that the hongbao wasn’t meant for me. I mean, it didn’t even contain a measly coupon. 

Disclosure: I’m one greedy, shameless, bargain shopper.

Have you collected any of these hongbaos on your retail rendezvous in Beijing? Would you use these to regift money? Let us know in the Comments below.

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