Date: Jan 27th 2014 1:44p.m.

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Frost is in the midst of an identity crisis. It’s not a family restaurant, despite three patrons under the age of 10 making an appearance within an hour. It’s not a sports bar, although the TV playing Chinese soap operas competes with one airing a kickboxing match on the opposite side. The undecidedly dim lighting seems too low for a burger joint, yet too bright for a cocktail bar.

But there’s potential here. Service is solid. The cocktail menu, which offers 22 options on top of pages of beer and wine selections, holds enough variety to sate any taste. Standouts are the light, gingery Moscow Mule (RMB49) or the lollipop-sweet Frosty Nail (RMB55). The memorable Frost burgers and the newly added pizzas make this a great place to eat with friends before you move on to drink somewhere that’s a little more sure of who it is.

Our Rating: 3/5 stars



What: Frost: Coffee, Nails & Cocktails

Where: 55 Xingfucun Zhong Lu 幸福村中路55号

Tel: 6417-5430