Date: Jan 24th 2014 5:46p.m.

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We’ve learned some new information about the new Korean restaurant concept by Jean-Georges:

– Its soon-to-be-confirmed name involves “kimchi and barbecue” and sounds like an international men’s monthly magazine (officially we’re not allowed to say anything but we’ll let you guess)
– It will be on the 2/F of Three on the Bund, occupying a small space right next Unico by Mauro Colagreco
– Unlike other restaurants in the building (i.e. Jean Georges or Mercato), this place will not have a view of The Bund
– There’s an option for self-serve grilling, like in a Korean barbecue restaurant
– Expect high-quality ingredients like imported Wagyu
– The folks behind the restaurant have been testing different types of charcoal for the best flavor
– It’s scheduled for a late April or early May opening