Date: Jan 23rd 2014 5:17p.m.

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Rightly credited with birthing the club scene in China from the mid-1990s onward, the Shanghai-born, Beijing-bred Ben Huang has had a hand in some infamous parties, from the original raves on the Great Wall to the Tourist and Yellow parties. Based in Shanghai, Huang regularly makes the journey north in order to spin his distinctive brand of techno and tech-house.

After a self-imposed hiatus, Huang started DJing again in earnest in 2012, relaunching his iconic party brands and appearing on electronic stages at festivals across the country and around the world. The unique individual who manages to retain underground credibility while also being known as the unofficial DJ of Louis Vuitton in China, Huang’s longevity behind the decks affords him a Teflon-like ability to deflect criticism.

When we last spoke to Huang in the pages of this magazine, it was 2010. Minimal techno was just taking off, mostly due to the appeal of Richie Hawtin. Fast-forward four years, and it appears that not much has changed in Beijing.

The same six DJs play minimal techno at Lantern every weekend. Richie Hawtin’s seal of approval is still media currency in press releases for no-name international DJs. The more nightlife purports to evolve in Beijing, the more it appears to stay ever the same.

Ben Huang is joined by Nassdak and Bite-Sized Buddha. We’re looking forward to hearing how Huang’s techno blends with the old school stylings of the Funk Fever crew.



Tickets: RMB30 on the door, or it’s free before 11pm.

What: Los Residentes with Ben Huang

Where: Migas

When: Saturday, January. 25, 10pm

Tel: 5208-6061