Here we go again: a new crackdown could leave unlicensed drivers and riders of motorcycles and tricycles on the wrong side of the law, as Beijing officials seek to improve road safety.

Motorcycles and tricycles (sanlunche) are considered to be frequent violators of traffic laws, along with serving as getaway vehicles for robberies, according to Li Shaoming, spokesperson for the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Traffic accidents involving motorcycles and tricycles were blamed for 70 accidents in Beijing in 2013, killing 78 people.

Unlicensed drivers face arrest, deportation, fines, and/or confiscation of vehicles. Drivers of unlicensed vehicles face confiscation of the vehicle and fines. 

In December 2013, a traffic accident involving an unlicensed foreign rider of an unregistered scooter resulted not only in his deportation, but also that of his father, both of whom were working illegally in China.

Learn how to register your motorcycle or scooter here.

Photo: National Geographic

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