If no one answers their phone (or their email) at the Beijinger offices Friday and Monday, don’t panic: we haven’t gone out of business, we’re merely moving from our digs at Wanda Plaza that have been our home for more than half of our 12-year existence back to be very close to our ancestral home south of Sanlitun.

The Beijinger (as well as its sister magazines Beijingkids and Jing) plus about two tons of collected junk will be moving from the 26th Floor of Wanda Plaza to the comfy confines of southern Sanlitun, a stone’s throw southeast of such landmarks as Q Bar and Chaoyang Hospital.

In many ways the move is a homecoming — we’re moving back to the area of town called Guandongdian, where we first set up shop in 2001 in a building that now exists only in memory (for the record, the hallowed ground where our original office was located is now occupied by Chaowai Soho).

Our new office is equidistant from bountiful offerings in Sanlitun and Central Park, as well as being conveniently located within a few hundred meters of stations on both Line 6 and Line 10 of the Beijing Subway. The traffic outside on Chaoyang Beilu is a mess, but that’s Beijing for ya.

Our new address, for those of you who would like to mail us junk or perhaps even come visit us:

6th Floor, Tower B, Fuxing Office Building
30 Hetaoyuan, Guandongdian North Street
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020


Here’s a map in Baidu, and below in Google:

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As for our new phone, we’ll let you know when the lines are all hooked up. Come visit us one of these days, we miss you people. Plus we have free coffee.

PS Our modestly swanky new digs have been designed by Michael Chuang of Motion Forte, known for their stellar work on much fancier offices and fine dining establishments. We’re looking forward to it.