Recently a man took a little joyride in one of the most expensive cars known to man, a USD 800,000 Lamborghini convertible, and went around to Beijing’s various hotbeds for nightlife activity asking ladies if they wanted to get something to eat or go for a ride. What ensued was a little shocking. Many said sure and hopped right in, not even considering that he could be the Chinese equivalent to Patrick Bateman. He recorded his encounters with these various women, and asked them questions like "You got into my car. Aren't you afraid I'm a bad guy?" The primary response seemed to be along the lines of "You ought to be a good person." 

He then continues to question the passengers, asking if he had a Chinese made automobile, would they also accept his proposal? One of them had the nerve to say no because her legs were too long. In total, five of seven women, that this lucky guy approached accepted his invitation. In conclusion, cars are still babe magnets and if you want to find the girl of your dreams in Beijing it doesn't hurt to have a primo ride. Watch the video below:

In other news, there have been some updates on the whole urine fiasco at 2 Kolegas last Saturday. In the end, it was four Chinese and five foreigners that ended up being taken away by police. It is the norm for Chinese offenders to be released after ten days if this is their first offense. The owners of 2 Kolegas expressed more concern for the apprehended foreigners as they will face deportation.

It is likely this crackdown is part of what began in May when 30 drug dealers were arrested. It has been passed on through the rumor mill that similar raids have occurred throughout the summer at Heaven Supermarket, Lantern, and in the Gulou area, but this is the first time to our knowledge that the focus has shifted to include the foreigners visiting these venues.

There is no way of knowing if this will be an ongoing campaign to prevent the spread of drug use in the capital, but it is safe to say that same privacy laws of your motherland don't necessarily exist here, especially when it comes to those precious bodily fluids. The only way to stay safe is to keep your distance from the use and sale of narcotics, so that your time in this beautiful and benevolent land doesn’t include being zip tied in the back of a paddy wagon.

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