DJ Z-Trip, winner of "America's Best DJ Award" and pioneer of the mashup movement, will be moderating the Club Mix decks for a special Red Bull sponsored event called There3style Showcase.

DJ Z-Trip:

The night will feature DJs Motor and J-Cue pitted against each other to determine who has the chops to win the fabled gold Techniques 1200s (not really) and sit among the few and proud who have won this caffeine induced madness. Previous winners include DJ Shintaro from Japan in 2013 and Four Colored Zack from the USA in 2012.

DJ Motor:

DJ J-Cue

Each DJ gets two turntables or CDJs and a mixer, two dicers, and a midi controller of their choice. No hot sync allowed. Each jockey has to play a minimum of three genres and will be judged based on originality of the track selection (20 percent), the creativity of your mixing (30 percent), technicality of the mixing (30 percent), stage presence (10 percent), and crowd response (10 percent). In the words of Duncan MacLeod “there can be only one.”

Festivities begin at 10pm at Club Mix on Saturday August 16.

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