Jason Statham looks to star in an action movie only for Chinese audiences. Woe is me, why oh why cruel world must Mr. Statham make one movie without his western fan base’s interests in mind.

Earlier this week the British action man was on a little promotional tour for The Expendables 3 flick, which is set for an American release on August 13 and TBA in China. The star revealed that he would be very interested in working on a project here in China. He said the key is finding the right project (maybe a camel through the needle’s eye kind of situation).

These comments were also confirmed with interest from Zhang ZhaoCEO of Le Vision Pictures and a producer for both Expendables 2 and 3. He stated that Le Vision will indeed be working with Jason Statham on an action movie for Chinese audiences. No other details were provided.

We’re guessing it's all in the early stages, but nonetheless we'd like to spitball an idea with Le Vision. Jason Statham as a kindergarten English teacher (a la Kindergarten Cop) who's undercover at the school trying to nail an international smuggler on the run from Interpol. One minute he'll be teaching a roomful of snobby boys and girls and then next he’s cracking skulls and deflecting butterfly knives with his fists. His catch phrase will be "speak English!" What’s your made for China Jason Statham movie?

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