If you have yet to bob your head to Ellie Goulding’s “I Need Your Love,” then it might be time to head on over to a dance floor because this star seems to be on just about every DJ’s playlist. She’s collaborated with Skrillex, been remixed by Tiesto, and has topped charts in the UK and the US – no small feats for a singer from a small town (she hails from Lyonshall, which has a population of just 750). Before she heads to Beijing, we found out what rework is Goulding’s favorite and what song would make her grab the mic in KTV.

Your songs get remixed by DJs a lot. Do you have a favorite?
I will forever love the Monsieur Adi remix of “Guns and Horses.”

You’ve done a handful of hit covers. Are there any other covers you’re itching to do?
Kwabs’ “Wrong or Right” would be on top of my list without a doubt. I love that song.

How did it feel covering a song as venerable as “Your Song” by Elton John?
It’s such a sensitive and amazing song, so it was very exciting from the start to work on the cover. It was a true honor, and I am so happy with all the good comments and feedback.

Did you get to write the music for the movie Divergent?
I provided vocals for a lot of the score of the film. Four of my tracks also ended up on the film’s soundtrack, including “Beating Heart.” I was really impressed and, of course, happy with this – I was definitely not expecting this to happen.

Do you plan to work on other movie soundtracks?
It’s something I would like to explore further. Every movie project is such a large undertaking with such a clear end result. Being part of that by creating the soundtrack is personally very satisfying.

We hear you like to run with your fans. Would you go as far as to run up the Great Wall?
Yes, definitely! I always keep active. Healthy body, healthy mind. I was just talking to my band and everyone is so excited about the upcoming Asia trip. We will most definitely find the time to visit the Wall, either before or after the show, but probably just as tourists.    

Are you thinking about getting any new tattoos? If you could get a Chinese tattoo, what would it say?
I think ancient Chinese art is incredibly beautiful, but I’ve been so busy touring this last year that I haven’t had time to think about any new tattoo ideas.

What’s your ultimate karaoke song?
Anything by Whitney Houston!

See Ellie Goulding show off her vocals at the Beijing Exhibition Theater next Thursday (August 14).

Photo: Courtesy of the organizers

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