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1. The Beijinger Online Gets a Facelift
If you're reading this you're probably noticed (or you're being willfully ignorant) but we ditched the turn-of-the-millennium vibe of our old website for something altogether different, sure to raise a couple hackles with the stick-in-the-muds who hate change. The biggest difference you’ll notice past the fresh lippy is that our new website is completely responsive, which means seamless viewing across devices of all shapes and sizes.

2. Don’t Eat so much! Eat More! Chinese Girlfriends Complain about Foreign Boyfriends
A report in the Chinese-language edition of the China Daily looked at the top ten complaints that Chinese women have about their foreign beaus. We picked out men not carrying their sweetheart’s purse around, not calling often enough, not eating enough, eating too much, and one that we helped you out with - not being able to read Chinese characters.

3. Jiro Soon to Make Beijing’s Sushi Dreams Come True (Or Not ...)
The Wall Street Journal reported renowned three Michelin starred sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro was said to be expanding outside of Japan for the first time with a location in Beijing slated to open at the beginning of August, and you guys got very excited by the news. However, all of our hopes were dashed when a family representative said the claims were false.

4. Beijing Scientists Float Idea of a Tianjin-Beijing Canal to Tackle Water Deficit
The solution to Beijing’s water deficit may be a 160km-long, one-kilometer-wide canal that links Beijing to the sea. It would be big enough to house 30,000-ton ships, and would effectively make Beijing a new seaport. Unfortunately, Beijing sits at a higher altitude to the East China Sea, so without an impressive anti-gravity system the canal wouldn’t work.

5. Beijing’s Anti-Jaywalking Campaign Ineffective 
In an attempt to curb the “Chinese” style of crossing the road and promote safety, a one-month anti-jaywalking campaign was launched in Chaoyang District in July. The program was being run by “volunteers” stationed at seven unspecified intersections. One of them reported that 13 people were caught jaywalking within one two-minute red light period.

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