Despite a license plate waiver and gradually improving charging infrastructure, Beijingers' interest in electric and other alternative energy automobiles remains low, with only 331 of sold by the end June, out of 9,000 available slots.

Although the most visible electric car brand, Tesla, delivered its first nine cars in Beijing during the period, it was also made clear that a government-built charging network will not support the company's cars. As a result, one wealthy driver built his own charging network for himself and other Tesla owners.

The Beijing Municipal Government states that by 2017 the city will have 10,000 charging stations, and that anyone on the Fifth Ring Road will be within five kilometers of a charge. Charging stations for electric taxis are already visible from the Fifth Ring Road, although the taxis themselves are rarely seen on city streets.

Rental electric cars are available from some outlets including in Haidian, but will only guarantee a range of 100 kilometers. For now, gas still seems to be the way to go.


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