It's bad enough you were only shown flats on the 14th floor of each buildingĀ last time you moved, but one Beijing real estate company can now tell you if death has alighted on the doorstep of a potential residence.

The database contains entries of more than 900 sale and rental properties where an occupant has been murdered, committed suicide, or "died of dubious circumstances," according to a report in the Global Times.

The entries are culled from media reports, police records, and other investigations, the report said, covering more than 4,000 residential communities in Beijing.

The real estate company was not named, but said it was undertaking the project so that buyers can be better informed, as such disclosures are rarely made by sellers or the agents themselves.

Such information may also cut down on horror movie plots based on unsuspecting buyers purchasing homes where suspicious deaths have occurred.

Photo: WCYB

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